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National Diabetic Month


November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month – early treatment can protect against vision loss, cataracts, glaucoma, and more.


The most common cause of blindness in diabetics is diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when the blood vessels in the retina swell, leak, close off, or abnormal new blood vessels grow on the retina. If you have diabetes, be sure to schedule regular eye exams, so we can look for signs and symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and treat it quickly. Treatments often work well if you begin them right away.

There are many important steps that you can take to lower your risk of diabetic eye problems. Control of your blood sugar levels lowers the risk of diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. Blood pressure control is critical since high blood pressure can make eye problems worse. And last and most important, visit your eye doctor on a regular basis! Many recommend that diabetics have a thorough eye exam by an eye doctor at least once a year.  It’s especially important to visit us should you develop:

  • blurry and/or double vision
  • spots or floaters in your eyesight
  • eye pain
  • other concerning symptoms

And remember, many of the problems that occur with diabetes and the eyes can have no symptoms, so please be sure to call us at 303-321-1578 and schedule a comprehensive eye examination with dilation every year.


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Check out Stack Optical’s new location !

Stack Optical has moved to a bigger, better, and more convenient location !


Our new location, at 2233 S. Monaco Pwky #107, is more convenient to downtown Denver, close to Cherry Creek, Aurora, and more we have found the perfect place from which to serve your eyecare needs.

Whether you need an eye exam, eye glasses, contact lenses, or an eye exam just for contacts, Stack Optical has the experience and knowledge to take care of your eyes.

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Cataracts – Prevention

This is the first of our 3 part series on Cataracts:   Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.


A cataract is a eye condition defined by the clouding of the lens in the eye. They can be present in both or one eye, and are associated with advanced ages but not limited to just the elderly. Stack Optical can assist you in all three phases of a cataract, but this article focuses on the prevention of cataracts.


Cataracts and often lead to vision problems such as loss of vision, blurry or darker vision, halos, and poor night vision. Essentially the clear lens behind your pupil, that focuses light to the retina, becomes clouded and thus reduces light to the eye as well as general vision problems.


Risk factors are primarily age, but also excessive sunlight and UV ray exposure, as well as cigarette smoking and possibly alcohol. At Stack Optical, we carry a full line of quality sunglasses and custom tinted and/or polarized lenses both for eyeglasses as well as outdoor activity sunglasses.
While there are many factors in developing cataract, some known and some unknown, the best way to PREVENT cataracts is to:

– Always use quality eye protection while outdoors, including the use of UV and UVA reducing lenses
– Dont smoke cigarettes and abstain from alcohol if possible
– Eat a healthy diet
– Get regular eye exams to detect any problems early

Call us at Stack Optical today at 303 321-1578




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Back to School Eye Exams

Back to School Eye Exams




Get an eye exam in Cherry Creek, Denver Colorado

Now that school is back in session, though kindergarten up through college and beyond, is the perfect time to make sure that you are taking the best care of your eyes possible – by scheduling a back to school eye exams for you and your family.



Studies have shown that poor vision can have a damaging affect to learning and performance in school.  Everything from reading textbooks, studying, attending lectures – all require that your eyes are healthy and receiving the correct prescription to see at a recommended 20/20 level. Many people mistakenly believe that just because they dont “notice” their eyesight being off, that it must be okay. Everything from headaches, irritability, and even back pains can all be caused by unnecessary strain on the eye. Haven’t you noticed that every time you get a new prescription, how good it feels to see so crisply, that first time you put on the new eyeglasses or contact lenses ?!


But it is not just momentary comfort that is at stake if you do not have an up to date eye exam. Studies have also shown that it is not healthy for the long term health of your eyes for them to be straining to see and read. All this is even more important, of course, for your children. It is absolutely critical that their eyesight – which in their schooling years can be changing as fast as every few months – be optimized for the right prescription for their eyes. Take a moment to call us today at Stack Optical to get your eye exam in Cherry Creek, Denver Colorado. You can call us at 303 321-1578

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How to find us

How to find us


Stack Optical is located 3865 Cherry Creek N Dr # 130, Denver, CO 80209

Our phone number is 303 321 1578







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Protect your eyes from UV rays

The Importance of Prescription Eyewear and Protecting Eyes from UV and Blinding Glare


We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but we cannot forget the importance of protecting our eyes too.  Living in Colorado, sunlight can really affect our eyes at this higher altitude, both by the sun and reflection off the snow.  Making sure you are fit for a great pair of sunglasses or prescription eyewear can help protect your eyes from sunburns, cataracts, macular degneration, eyelid skin cancer and more!  


Glare is another concern when it comes to protecting your eyes.  Glare from too much light can cause eye fatigue, reduced vision, and potentially be blinding.  It can become the cause of a horrible car accident if you’re blinded due to glare on the road.

You can protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as blinding glare by being fit for the perfect pair of sunglasses or prescription eyewear.  We offer sunglasses with a high eye protection factor as well as prescription eyewear (contacts and lenses) with our without tint, that help to absorb and block those harmful rays and glare. 


Call Stack Optical today at 303-321-1578 to make an appointment and get the correct lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and blinding glare!

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Sport and Therapeutic Tints For Your Eyeglasses

Stack Optical is pleased to be able to offer to the residents of Denver and Cherry Creek in Colorado, Sport and Therapeutic tints for your new eyeglasses !


Eyeglasses and sunglasses technology has improved greatly over the last ten years, as we learn more about how the different color hues of sunlight rays affect our eyesight and vision. Blue light, for example, is one part of the UV spectrum that our eyes are sensitive to, and we now offer sport and therapeutic tints for your eyeglasses.

This means we can take your new eyeglasses from Stack Optical, and apply a special coating to the lenses which can filter out certain types of light. Due to their specific light frequency absorption and areas of transmittance, these specialized tints increase visual acuity for the sports participant and spectator.


Using BPI patented technology, we can for example offer you the Sport Tint™,  a rich brown for general sports use. BPI® Sport Tint™ was designed for heightened contrast ability.

If you are a golfer, try the light frequency absorption of Golfer Blu™, which was specially designed to increase contrast against the fairway.


Also the Golf Tint Green brown. The light frequency absorption of BPI® Golf Tint™ were specially designed to increase contrast against the sky.

Or,  the Drivers Tint™, an amber-brown color like 540, but which transmits more blue for a balanced effect and full vision of traffic lights.


Finally, we have a full line of Therapeutic Tints, which were developed to provide maximum blue light protection. Blue light is the dominant component of skylight and a major cause of glare. By reducing glare you usually improve contrast and functional acuity.

There are filters that can help with many eye conditions such as:  Macular Degeneration,Migraines, Sleep Disorders, and many more that can be helped with Therapeutic Tints.

Research has shown that:
80% of patients who wear anti-glare lenses call them the best sunglasses they’ve ever worn.
80% experience sharper vision, better depth perception.
87% report significantly reduced glare and haze.
94% call the lenses beneficial.



Call Stack Optical today at 303 321-1578 for more information or to make an appointment for an eye exam or sports or therapeutic tints for your eyeglasses.



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New Eye Exam Camera improves testing for Glaucoma, Diabetes, and more


New Eye Exam Camera – test for glaucoma, diabetes, and more


At Stack Optical, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of our new Topcon TRC-NW6 digital retina camera. This special camera, which is now standard in our regular eye exams, is a digital retinal camera used to take pictures of the back of the eye(retina) the doctor uses it for early diagnosis, of many diseases; glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypertension, diabetes, and many more. As we all know, early prevention is the best treatment for most diseases and that includes those of they eye.  By detecting early any possible health issues with your vision, we can get a head start on the problem.



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Even with all of the most modern optical equipment in the world, though, the most important thing about any eye exam is the time and care that the eye doctor puts into it. Beware of the chain store mentality, advertising ‘free’ eye exams and such – since we all know nothing is free, what is most likely to suffer in a free eye exam ?  The time and care that goes into it.  That is why at Stack Optical, we take our time to be sure that we can understand your personal vision history;  any recent new changes or symptoms with your eyesight; checking for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and any possible vision or eye health issues unique to you. That is the Stack difference. 


The Small Pupil Detection feature allows us to see if you have a smaller than normal pupil, a common phenomenon, especially if mydriatic (dialating) drops can not be used. This allows to still take a clear picture of the back of your eye and retina, without using a special feature or dialating procedure. This means more comfort during your eye exam and less recovery after your eye exam.