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Eye exam for glaucoma


Eye exam for glaucoma


Glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of blindness in the USA, behind cataracts.  Glaucoma is actually part of a group of eye diseases grouped together in that they cause damage to the optic nerve, and we at Stack Optical recommend getting an eye exam every year, in order to detect changes in your vision and eye health.   Regular eye exams can detect the disease in it’s early stages and thus allow better prevention and treatment, with either surgery or medical strategies.


If the condition is detected early enough, it is possible to arrest the development or slow the progression with medical and surgical means. During your eye exam the doctor will test for various indicators, such as innocular eye pressure. Although it only takes a few moments, it can go a long way towards early detection. 

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Get an Eye Exam this fall

Eye Exam this fall in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado


As we head into fall, many people are going back to school – kindergarten, junior high, high school, or college.  It is very important that you be able to see well if you are going to be able to do well in class, studying, and homework. We always recommend that you can an eye exam this fall, as it is a good way to stay on top of the health of your eyes, as nothing is more important to us and our success than good vision.


For most people, an eye exam once a year is recommended.  For younger people, the eyes are still developing and so vision and correction can change.
As well, for older people, the eyes and eye muscles began to change shape and lose their elasticity.  In both cases, an improper eyeglasses or contact lens prescription can, at best, make it more difficult to see correctly and at worse can even make the problem worse.  An eye exam can prevent these problems by correcting issues before they occur.


There are also other good reasons to get eye exams every fall – they can prevent health problems in your eyes and vision from going unnoticed – things like glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases that can cause real problems in vision or even eye health.


Good eye exams are performed by competent eye doctors, who will check the health of your eye, eye pressure, vision, etc.  You can get eye exams that deliver accurate prescriptions for eyeglasses, contact lenses, or both. We offer eye exams in our Cherry Creek office, located in Denver Colorado

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Call us today at 303 321-1578 to schedule your eye exam today !

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Specialty eyeglasses available at Stack Optical

As we are located in beautiful and sunny Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado many of our clients are finding they need special eyeglasses for their active lifestyle, such as golf, hunting and sport shooting, motorcycle and mountain bike riding, etc.


Special lenses and eyeglasses can not only enhance performance in these activities by reducing glare, but they also serve a valuable function by helping protect your eyes and reducing exposure to harmful UV rays.  Simply wearing sunglasses, or even prescription sunglasses, is not enough.

Our special lenses are specifically designed for specific outdoor activities like golf, hunting, and others. By designing lenses to optimize your eyesight under certain conditions, we are able to help yo both perform better while also protecting your eyes from the harm of frequent time spent in the out of doors.

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How often should I get an Eye Exam ?


How often should I get an eye exam?”

How often should I get an exam for eyeglasses or contact lenses if I live in Cherry Creek, Denver?  This is a question we get quite often at Stack Optical. It is a great question, because nothing is more important than the health of your eyes and vision. There are a few criteria that determine how often you should get an eye exam in Denver.  Here are a few guidelines and tips to make sure you are getting your eyes checked often enough, without going too often.


Children have special eye care needs that should be addressed as follows:   First, every child should get an eye exam at six months old. Although the eyes are still developing at this stage, it is a good time to catch early on eye conditions such as strabismus, presbyopia, and even nearsightedness and farsightedness, though these are not easily determined at this young age.

The next eye exam for children should be at 3 years of age, and then again when they enter kindergarten around age 6.  Once a child begins wearing glasses, they should get an Eye Exam every year at a minimum.


Professionals recommend for adults ages 19 to 59, getting a comprehensive eye exam every two years, and annual exams for seniors age 60 and older. Additionally, any adult wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses should get an eye exam every year also.

In addition, at risk adults should have eye exams more frequently . Risk factors for adults can include:

  • Family history of eye disease (glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.)
  • High blood pressure, or diabetes
  • Previous eye surgery or injury

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Also, adults who wear contact lenses should have annual eye exams, according to doctors.

If you have any doubt how often you (or your children or parents) should have your eyes examined, or would like to schedule an appointment to get your eye exam in Cherry Creek, Denver call us today at 303 321-1578

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Stack Optical recognized for custom sport eyeglasses


Stack Optical recognized for custom Sport Eyeglasses





This week we were talking about custom sport eyeglasses. When you are outside in hunting or shooting actvities, having proper eyewear is critical to your success, enjoyment, and safety. Here, Allen Stack from Stack Optical on the Saturday “Sportsmen of Colorado” radio show with Scott Whatley, who says ” Premier service! I had a regular pair of glasses made and a “custom” pair of hunting glasses. I LOVE THEM!”Go by and check out the custom hunting glasses at Stack Optical!”

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Hunting Eyeglasses and for Shooting Activities

Hunting Eyeglasses for Hunting and Shooting in Cherry Creek, Denver


Stack Optical is located in Cherry Creek, Denver and is a leader in custom made eyeglasses and contact lenses for all types of activities, including hunting eyeglasses for hunting and shooting activities. Many different factors go into the quality of your vision in everyday life, but especially in outdoor or active settings.





Stack Optical is located in Cherry Creek, Denver and is a leader in custom made eyeglasses and contact lenses for all types of activities, including hunting eyeglasses and for shooting activities. Many different factors go into the quality of your vision in everyday life, but especially in outdoor or active settings.


For obvious reasons, your vision needs to be at its best in order to safely and successfully practice shooting guns or hunting.  The first step, of course, is an eye exam if your current prescription is more than 2 years old, yes the eyes can and do change substantially during that time frame so make sure you have recently had an eye exam. With that information, talk to our doctors about what your goals are, as well as any issues or problems you are currently experiencing. They can recommend the best hunting eyeglasses.



Hunting Eyeglasses

The primary ways that Stack Optical can help you is in hunting eyeglasses and special outdoor custom eye glasses that are specifically designed for not only outdoor use but actually for shooting and hunting as well.  First, we will determine if any progression is needed in your eyeglass lenses.  Meaning, if you have any tendency for presbyopia, which is the condition by which the eyes have a more difficult time accommodating both near and far vision. In the old days, that meant wearing “bi-focals” but nowadays these are seamlessly blended into one lens that appears normal when people look at you – no thick line as you may remember your grandparents or parents wearing.


The other thing we do well is provide custom tinting to either your regular glasses, or to your hunting eyeglasses. After listening to the type of environment you are most likely to shoot or hunt in, we can apply a special computer formulated tint that is designed to both protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also to provide your eye the clearest possible picture, so as to help hit the target also !

Give us a call today at 303 321-1578, we specialize in custom eyeglasses, contact lenses, and cheap eye exams in the Cherry Creek and Denver area.  And we custom make hunting eyeglasses and for all outside activities. We are family owned for over 47 years – we are experts in the field but also care about our patients.

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Use your Flex Dollars before they are gone !


Use your Flex Dollars before they are gone !



Many people are provided by their health insurance providers a annual stipend to use for eyeglasses, eye exams, contact lenses, or other eye care and vision needs. Typically, these benefits disappear at the end of each calendar year, so why not take advantage of this free money and call Stack Optical today at 303 321-1578 and make an appointment to treat yourself and your eyes to some updated glasses or contacts ?



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New HD Progressive Lenses available at Stack Optical

Eyeglasses, Eye Exams, and Contact Lenses – Stack Optical, Cherry Creek Denver


When you come in to Stack Optical in Cherry Creek for eyeglasses or an eye exam, you’ll be coming to a business that has been family owned for over 46 years. That means we’ll actually know your name, who you are, your eye history, and more.



We are excited to announce our latest line of High Definition (known as HD) progressive eyeglass lenses !  These truly are a revolutionary breakthrough in eyeglass lens manufacturing and is often compared to the difference between “old” and new, High Definition movies or TV. These eyeglass lenses take progressive lenses ( which used to be called “BiFocal”, referring to the two different prescriptions built into the lens to allow both normal as well as close-up reading ability) to a whole new level.



Now you can enjoy a wider viewing area, (without having to turn your head), as well as the better visual clarity that comes from a HD lens. In addition, you will love that your lenses have no “lines” visible to obstruct your vision or distract other people.


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Eyecare for the those in their 40’s and 50’s

At this age, our vision often starts to change once again, as now the eye muscles begin to lose flexibility and elasticity, and even if you have never had to wear corrective lenses, you may start to recognize the need for them at this stage in life. Typically, reading things up close can become more difficult for most people, as well as the need for more light in able to be able to read clearly This is a common and normal part of the aging process.


This eye condition is called “Presbyopia“, and there are many options available to you to combat it’s effects. The simplest options are either reading glasses or, if you already wear corrective lenses, a bi-focal or graduated eyeglass lens. These lenses feature normal corrective powers for most of your daily activities, but include in the lower part of the lens a more magnified power which allows for easier close up reading. These are not your grandfathers bi-focals, modern technology allows for the different lenses to be nearly invisible and thus not noticeable at all

Other options include LASIK surgery or Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) procedures, which can correct these visual imbalances in a quick and painless outpatient surgery environment.

At Stack Optical, we offer all of the above solutions and more, to our patients in this age category who may be suffering from one or more of these common eyesight ailments. The first step is to come in and have a comprehensive eye exam, something that should be done yearly or every other year anyway, with this exam we can detect early signs of eye health problems and thus give you the best possible treatment options.

Call us today at 303 321 1578 to schedule an appointment !

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Eye Care for Young Adults

By the time you are in your 20’s and 30’s,  you probably have a good sense of your vision and where things are at. You may be one of the fortunate ones who can see 20/20 or near to it without any correct lenses.  Or, you may be wearing glasses or contact lenses and if so are probably quite used to them.  Thus, it is easy to get complacent regarding the health of your eyes.


The number one most important thing you can do at this stage in your life for your eye health is get regular eye exams.  Of course, if there are any eye health issues in your family such as vision problems, glaucoma, diabetes, or any other health problems, it becomes even more important you come down to our optical office in Cherry Creek and get an eye exam.


Regular eye exams can detect changes in your vision and can also catch at an early stage any health issues that could affect your eyesight now, or later on in life. We know this is a busy time in your life, but nothing is more important than your eyesight !  And if you are near or far sighted, your vision prescription may be stabilizing – meaning it is a good time to talk to your doctor about options such as LASIK surgery, to rid yourself of the need to wear contacts or glasses.


Call us today at 303 321 1578 and schedule an eye exam today. We’ll do a thorough exam, checkup, and evaluation of one of your most important assets – your eyes !