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Eye Care for Teenagers

As children enter into their teen years, there are a few things to keep an eye on in order to ensure maximum health for their eyes and vision.

First, by now many children will have shown the need for eyeglasses and may already have been wearing them for quite some time. To be sure, all teenagers should receive a professional eye exam once a year. This is very important as eyesight during these years is always changing.

The second thing to consider is that many teenagers are eager to try wearing contact lenses for the first time. This is a very important decision that can bring many benefits but also great potential risk to the teenager’s eye health. Always consult with a licensed medical doctor to assess whether it is safe to wear contact lens and which types might be ideal. At Stack Optical we have been fitting contact lenses on teenagers for many year and we have the experience to help you make this important decision.

Lastly, be sure to talk to your teenager about protecting their eye from injury. Sports like tennis, baseball, softball, and others all carry a risk so be sure to talk to us about different eye protection options – we have a large assortment of glasses and sunglasses that can protect their vulnerable eyes from impact, UV damage, and more.

ByWill Janecek

Eye Care for Children

Eye care is all about protecting your most important asset – your vision. Protecting your eyesight is a life long endeavor, but certainly during the formative childhood years is especially important, as key muscles are developing during this time.

Children in the 2 to 5 year range especially our at a time where proper vision alignment and care can optimize the hand-eye coordination and reading skills so important to success as an adult. As children in this age like to draw, look at pictures, and touch things. You can help this process by connecting books with pictures and encouraging your child to practice these skills.

Puzzles, LEGOS, crayons, and playing with balls and other toys will all help develop your child’s vision capabilities.

The most important thing of all is regular eye checkups with a qualified eye doctor. Experts recommend an eye exam every year for healthy children, and possibly even more frequently if your child has experienced health issues with their eyesight.

Call us today at 303 321-1578 and make an appointment to check your child’s eye health.

ByWill Janecek

Another satisfied Stack Optical customer

I have been a customer of Stack Optical Service since 1968; two generations of outstanding service. I am a veterinary doctor and dental specialist in my 50th year of private practice and give this business the highest marks, from their inventory and number of services they offer, to the expertise and the professionalism of everyone on their staff. I have always been pleased when doing business with Stack Optical. Their service exceeds the high expectations I have for people in the medical field. When looking for value, I recommend ‘Call Stack Opitcal Service first’!
Edward R. Eisner, DVM
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
September 8, 2013

ByWill Janecek

Disposable Contact Lenses

If you normally wear eyeglasses due to the discomfort or hassle of traditional soft contact lenses, you might want to come talk to us to see the latest options in disposable contact lenses.


Recent technological advances mean that contact lenses are thinner and lighter (and thus more comfortable) than ever before. These contacts are typically used only once per day or up to one week, than simply thrown away and a new pair is used. These are ideal because in the event one is lost, it isn’t really an issue.


These disposable contacts are much less expensive than you would imagine and are very affordable. If you normally prefer glasses or could not get used to the feel of a soft contact lens, we recommend you call us at 303 321-1589 or come in and we can explain to you some of the options and their pricing.

ByWill Janecek

Cataract Prevention

Most people have heard of cataracts, but may not be sure exactly what they are or if they are preventable. Cataracts form on the lens of the eye, they are a clouding or the lens of the eye itself.  This can happen suddenly as a result of blunt trauma, but is much more commonly resulting from the natural aging process, and is more typical over the age of 65.

Besides other factors like aging, genetics, other diseases and even cigarette smoking,  studies have shown that sunlight and UV rays can significantly increase the risk of  developing cataracts. Thus it is very important to always use a quality sunglass lens if wearing sunglasses in the outdoors.  Generally speaking, the cheaper glasses one finds in a supermarket or chain store are of low quality and can actually do more harm than good by allowing dangerous UV filters to pass through the sunglass lens and hit your eye.

Technology in prescription sunglasses has advanced greatly in the last several years and we invite you to come in (or call us at 303 321-1578) in order to discuss custom options for you – we have both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses specially made for different type of outdoor activities like golf, driving, boating etc.  Come in or call and we can give you more information !

ByWill Janecek

Springtime Eyewear

Although winter continues to be reluctant to relinquish its grip, Spring is definitely coming to Denver ! And with it comes all of your favorite activities: golf, hiking, biking, etc. UV rays are very damaging to your eyes and can lead to cataracts and other problems – we always recommend choosing eyewear (both prescription and non-prescription) that offers maximum protection for your eyes.

Here at Stack Optical, we have a new Sun lens available called “Drivewear”. Drivewear Polarized Transition lenses provide safe and comfortable vision by adjusting to varying light conditions. In low light or overcast conditions, the lenses are a high contrast green/yellow color. Behind the windshield in normal daylight conditions, the lens turns to a copper color to remove excess light and and provide better traffic signal recognition.

In bright light outside, the lens darkens to reddish brown color designed for maximum filtration of excess light. I’ve been wearing these lenses for several years and enjoy them immensely. I especially like the fact that no matter the lighting conditions, there is no strain on the eyes. In fact, on the way home from my favorite fishing or golfing hole, I don’t have to change my glasses when I stop at the grocery store. Call us today at 303 321-1578 for more information.

ByWill Janecek

New Briot Emotion Edging Machine

New, custom shaped lenses with the Briot Emotion Edging Machine !

Technology continues to affect our everyday lives in ways we had never even thought of, and nowhere is this more true than the optical industry.  Advancements are allowing us at Stack Optical Service to combine our over 45 years of hands-on experience, with the latest technological breakthroughs in order to give you the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Best of all, we can now make a lens in any shape – to accommodate a special need, or even just for fashion.

Nothing can ever replace an independent optical professional giving you one-on-one care. But the new edging machine we have recently installed in our eyeglasses lab right here in Cherry Creek certainly improves our final results for you, the customer. Precision cutting and edging allow us to give you the best fit and vision possible from your eyeglasses.  Custom shaping allows us to make a lens that is just for you. The Briot Emotion is a world class edging machine designed to deliver a precise lens, everytime.



Call us today at 303 321 1578 and make an appointment to come to Cherry Creek and get an eye exam or new pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses !