Cataracts – Prevention

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Cataracts – Prevention

This is the first of our 3 part series on Cataracts:   Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.


A cataract is a eye condition defined by the clouding of the lens in the eye. They can be present in both or one eye, and are associated with advanced ages but not limited to just the elderly. Stack Optical can assist you in all three phases of a cataract, but this article focuses on the prevention of cataracts.


Cataracts and often lead to vision problems such as loss of vision, blurry or darker vision, halos, and poor night vision. Essentially the clear lens behind your pupil, that focuses light to the retina, becomes clouded and thus reduces light to the eye as well as general vision problems.


Risk factors are primarily age, but also excessive sunlight and UV ray exposure, as well as cigarette smoking and possibly alcohol. At Stack Optical, we carry a full line of quality sunglasses and custom tinted and/or polarized lenses both for eyeglasses as well as outdoor activity sunglasses.
While there are many factors in developing cataract, some known and some unknown, the best way to PREVENT cataracts is to:

– Always use quality eye protection while outdoors, including the use of UV and UVA reducing lenses
– Dont smoke cigarettes and abstain from alcohol if possible
– Eat a healthy diet
– Get regular eye exams to detect any problems early

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