Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

ByWill Janecek

Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

Summer is just around the corner – the season of playing outdoors in sunny Colorado! We all know how easily susceptible our skin is to burn from the sun, but our eyes are also at risk from UV-A and UV-B rays. These harmful rays can cause corneal sunburns as well as reach the retina to cause vision loss if we don’t protect our eyes properly.

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Mirror Coatings for Glasses

The first and most important thing to look for when picking sunglasses is UV protection of at least 99% of sun-rays. Next, color selection can vary depending on the activity. At Stack Optical, we have a variety of sunglasses and colorful mirror coatings so you are fully covered. Call us to get fitted for a new pair of sunglasses that both suit your fashion style and protect your eyes! 303-321-1578

UV eye protection, sunglasses

Sunglasses UV protection

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