Eyeglass Repair

Eyeglass Repair


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At Stack Optical Service we can help you with eyeglass repair for most metal frames onsite. If a frame cannot be repaired, we can fit the existing lenses into another frame while you wait. We are one of the few optical places in town that will repair your eyeglasses, and we love doing it !  If you have glasses with sentimental or financial value, we can fix your eyeglasses. Our services include welding, plating, painting – what ever you need, we have the experience to do it.

Even plastic frames can sometimes be repaired depending on the type of problem. And of course for minor fixes like tightening a screw, adjusting a nose pad, or aligning the earpieces we can do all that while you wait. Many people do not realize it, but improperly aligned earpieces or nosepads can have a significant effect on how the lens corrects your vision. It is important that your glasses fit as the eye doctor intended them to.


Many people grow attached to a pair of eyeglass frames and wish to keep them after they are broken. Other times, it can be the high cost of replacing a broken pair of eyeglasses with a new frame. Whichever is the case, Stack Optical maintains an onsite repair lab in their store and can often, though not always, make small repairs while you wait. If you do have to leave them behind, it can usually be done the next day unless special parts have to be ordered.

If you are unsure if your frames are worth an eyeglass repair, just give us a call and explain the problem and we can let you know.

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